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americanmutt's Journal


Gilmore Girls * Sex And The City * BTVS * The Simpsons * Futurama * Stargate SG-1 * Angel

p.s - if you are into doing friends-cuts on a frequent basis or get all pissy because you don't think people comment enough on your journal, I would prefer not to be your buddy. Thanks.

Milo Mood from space_moods Here.
a free press, abnormal psychology, alias, alliances, altered states, ancient civilizations, anthropology, aquariums, avoiding people, balance of power, beliefs, bill murry, billie piper, bioneers, btvs, bubbles, buddies, buffy the vampire slayer, capitalism, carmex, charmed, cognitive science, compost, comrades, connections, context, cooking, creative forums, creativity, css, cultural anthropology, dead like me, deism, digital art, directorships, documentaries, dominance and submission, electioneering, energy, epistemology, etymology, evolutionary psychology, fanart, feminism, fonts, food, foreign, forgetting, fstv, geography, geothermal power, gilmore girls, globalization, graphics, greenhouses, helping people, herbs, history, html, huey p. newton, human origins, human rights, humanity, humans, iced tea, icons, ideas, indentity, insert bands, insert commonalities, insert movies, insert specifics, inspiration, joseph campbell, kawaii, laughing at myself, law, learning, libertarianism, life, limited profits, living, living alone, maps, microbiology, microchips, microscopes, microsoft, mindshare, natalie portman, noncopyright, nonpatent, not capitalizing, not-ridiculing-others-to-gain-confidence, ownerships, pepsi, photography, photoshop, pixels, politics, post-rock, pro-choice, programming, public radio, queen, reading, recipes, relationships, religions, religious intolerance, remembering, resources, sacred geometry, sarcasm, scrubs, sega, semiotics, sex and the city, shareholdings, signal processing, snow, social engineering, social theory, sociology, soft grass, sound as a weapon, soy, struggling, syntax, systems, technology, tetris, the dissemination of information, the sims, the sopranos, theories, thinking out loud, time, to begin, to end, tofu, tomatos, trees, typography, urban planning, voodoo, weapons, woman's studies, zoroastrianism